Helpful. Efficient. Rapid. Smart.

Bring on the game changer!

Let’s transform the face of public transport. Let’s make passenger information simple, easy and instant.

eStop puts all your passenger information in one place.
Live Departures, Service Alerts, Timetables, Marketing and anything else!

Provide great passenger information throughout your network. All in real time and with remote, smart management.

Passenger information for the majority of your network has been static information. Passengers don’t trust it and Transport Authorities are forever managing it to keep it relevant.

eStop creates Positive Passenger Experiences.


Make fast and effective changes.

Instantly update information with remote management using mobile data or WiFi.

Show the information that you want to be seen. We integrate with your data feeds and business processes to ensure the right information gets to your bus stops and train stations.

If you don’t have data feeds to produce information like live-departures or service alerts we can provide the tools for you to create and manage them.

eStop is the full turn-key solution.


Major Stops, Main Corridors or Network Wide.

Expensive multi-line LED displays are a thing of the past. For the cost of one mains powered LED display you can get multiple eStops.

eStop can provide great benefit when rolled out to an entire network or main corridor. eStop is low cost to purchase and has a low life cycle cost.

Now you can get information to every stop on the network automatically, in real-time and tailored for each location.


Reduce time and effort spent cleaning up after vandalism

Fixing up stops after a vandal attack can be time consuming and expensive.

eStop displays have 4 layers of protection. If the cover is vandalised beyond cleaning, a layer can be peeled away for a clean view.

This system allows far less maintenance time spent at each stop.


The display may be greyscale but everything else about eStop is pure green.

eStop can run completely from solar power. You also don’t need to drive around to change the content.

eStop uses no paper, ink or printing to distribute messages. Laminated or tear proof paper takes years to decompose and can’t be recycled.

eStop creates no paper waste.


eStop is BlindSquare Enabled.

Assistance for people who are blind or partially sighted, integrated with their day to day device – get the right information to the device that they own and have comfort in using rather than complicating things by adding another.

Passengers can get notifications and travel information on their iOS device with BlindSquare, the world’s most popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and partially sighted. BlindSquare talks to each eStop and knows exactly when a user approaches a stop. BlindSquare can work offline, with no requirement for GPS or mobile data.

Withstanding the
test of time

eStop components have been thoroughly tested for robustness and durability. Rest assured that you are getting a well-designed, all-weather display that will go the extra mile.

No fuss

No resource consent, no digging up roadways or pavements and no mains power connection.
Simple and secure bolt to pole installation. eStop can be securely mounted to just about any surface.

Simple cloud based
asset management

eStop has a built in GPS unit so it can figure out what stop it should be assigned to. Infrastructure management should always be this easy!

with you

We specialise in providing cost effective solutions for transport providers’ needs. We recognise all providers’ needs are different and can work with you to customise a solution. Bring on your challenge!

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